Funeral Services

A funeral provides an opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one. It is an occasion to reflect on the life of someone close to us. It gives us a time to grieve and bring closure.

Beginning with the initial call to us, our staff will be there to give all the care and grace your loved one deserves. We at Sawyer-Fuller Funeral Home understand that every person and their families are unique. We can arrange for any services you desire. We will also help set up private and/or public visitations for your friends and family. From planning a complete funeral service to a simple burial or cremation and all things in between, our staff will be able to walk you through all the choices you have to make.

With any service you select, we offer to arrange for death notices and obituaries to be placed in newspapers, assist in insurance claims, and place obituaries on our website. These and many other services are offered as part of our dedication to our families at no additional cost.

Please take a look at the many service options we offer and if you have any questions, feel free to email us or call (248) 398-6500

Complete Funeral Service

This is the most comprehensive of our services. Visitation, private or public, is most often held at the funeral home for one or two days prior to the actual funeral service. During the visitation, religious and fraternal services can be held – rosary and vigil services, Masonic services, etc. A funeral service takes place the following day—at the funeral home or the family’s church. Interment into a cemetery of the family’s choosing would follow. A procession to the cemetery or a private burial can be arranged at the family’s convenience.

Controlled Limited Service

A number of families prefer to eliminate some options of a complete funeral. Often, we plan services where the visitation will be for a few of hours rather than for a full day or more. If there is a funeral service, it would then conclude at the funeral home. Such services take place that same morning, afternoon, or evening and may be held at the funeral home or at another place of the family’s choice. The family would have the option of a private burial at the cemetery.

Immediate Burial

Families who would like to have little to no services at the funeral home may choose this service. We can set up a private viewing for the family up to a half hour. We will arrange for all the authorizations and permits in a timely manner. We will also assist in arranging Graveside Services at the cemetery and Memorial Services at our funeral home or a place of your choice.

Graveside Service

A graveside service is simply a service that takes place at the graveside rather than in the funeral home, church, or other facility. Sawyer-Fuller Funeral Home works with all cemeteries in organizing and scheduling graveside services for burial of human remains or cremated remains. They can be private or public services with or without committal prayer preceding them. Bagpipers and dove releases can also be scheduled for those who would like them. Often times a funeral service precedes the services at the cemetery, either meeting the family there or arriving in procession.


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